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08th Feb 2019

There’s FINALLY a strapless bra gals with big boobs are vouching for

Amy Nolan

There's FINALLY a strapless bra gals with big boobs are vouching for

Hakuna your tatas, ladies.

Let’s be honest, strapless bras are a real pain in the arse but when you’ve got a gorgeous bardot dress or want to don that cute off the shoulder top on a night out, they’re a necessary evil.

Strapless bras certainly aren’t the most comfortable and they’re a nightmare to keep in position, even if you’re only moderately endowed!

So for girls with a fuller bust a strapless item of clothing almost isn’t worth the hassle of putting up with a strapless bra for the right – le struggle is too real.

Yep in a nutshell.

We herald good news, however, because there’s a strapless bra on Amazon that girls with a fuller bust are swearing by. Ahh By Rhonda Shear Women’s Angel Seamless Underwire Bandeau Bra is being celebrated for being both comfortable and supportive with sizes from XS to a 38DD. Prices start at $18 or around €16.

With rave reviews on site, the bra which comes in 5 colours (including nude, black and white) is being cited as a “great fit” and seemingly provides “excellent support”.

Late last year, online retail juggernaut ASOS announced they were launching a range of clothing specifically for women with big boobs.

Hurray for brands producing a diversity of ranges for different sizes.