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15th Sep 2023

Makeup artist’s €6 Amazon hack gives ‘instant eyelift’ for hooded eyes

This is a game-changer.

A makeup artist has found a non-invasive solution to make eyes appear bigger without having to have an eye lift.

Explaining that she has hooded eyes, Darlin found and revealed a ‘game-changing’ hack to lift her eyelids and avoid the struggles of eye makeup being folded in and hiding all that hard-earned work.

The product that gives a free eyelift? Invisible eyelid tapes.

Darlin is so confident in their results that she purchased 1,200 of the seed adhesive tapes from Amazon for a respectable €6.

Before putting the product to work, she explained that her left eye is usually more hooded than the right because she sleeps on her left side.

“Before you can see the difference, if I show my face like this, my wing line looks perfect in both sides. But when I took my head down like this, you can see the hood on this one is more prominent.

“This is why I like to use eyelid tapes.”

She then proceeds to pull a sticker out and place it above her eyelid.

Thanks to the fact that the tape is completely colourless, Darlin likes to wear it pretty much every day to help her eyes look bigger with a natural visual effect.

“I normally put in one eye, to be honest. I usually put it on before I go to sleep and take it off in the morning, so in that way, I don’t actually have to wear it with my makeup. This is what it will look like on my eyelid, and now this is what it looks like with the eyes open.

“It creates a good amount of space on my eyelid, and my eyes look so much more symmetrical.”

The difference is so subtle, you’d hardly notice it. But if you’re a hooded-eye girl, once you see the impact it can have, you’ll likely be at the checkout on Amazon before you realise.

And, don’t worry if you’re a beginner, the pack comes with tweezers and a Y-shaped tool to help you with your ‘eye-lift.’