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05th Jan 2018

There’s a secret Pandora charm and people are going mad for it

secret Pandora charm

Have you heard about it yet?

In recent years, jewellery brand Pandora has gained a large following with their charm bracelets proving popular with fans.

A popular gift or even me-to-me present, the bracelets take a while to fill up hence the need for multiple charms and today, one charm is breaking the internet.

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The Winniper is a ‘secret charm’ named after the founders of Pandora, Winnie & Per Enevoldsen, who established the company in 1982.

Prices start at around €30 for a charm and can increase in price depending on the detail/gemstones/metal included but this isn’t for general sale.

As you’ll see in the below Instagram post, it’s known as the Pandora Life Mascot and stands for three things: “a lion for pride, a giraffe for passion and a bumblebee for performance”.

According to Good Housekeeping, this charm is made exclusively for employees and it represents the values important to the Pandora brand.

Although the Winniper isn’t available to purchase, there is a wide range of animal charms so you’re sure to find one that takes your fancy.