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20th Mar 2015

The Secret To Jennifer Aniston’s Glossy Hair Will Probably Make You Feel A Bit Ill

Hmm... We're not sure about this one!


Jennifer Aniston has revealed that she uses sweat to help style her hair.

Yes, sweat.

The Friends star stated that she thinks sweat is great and is “like a little product”.

The popular actress was recently asked if she washes her hair after working out and she replied: “No, I don’t. I actually don’t.

“A little sweat in the hair is nice. It’s like a little product. You just blow it out with your fingers and it’s actually just fun.”

She is known for having some famous hairstyles. 

She also revealed that she only needs to wash her hair every two or three days thanks to a product which contains no silicone.

“Silicone is a culprit in most shampoos,” she told Fashionista magazine. “Over time, it builds up and turns into a hard coating and it cracks and breaks and snaps you hair.

“[People were] always saying, ‘Don’t wash your hair every day!’ but it was impossible – because of all the oils and silicone – it would create this greaseball head of hair within a day!”