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04th Apr 2023

Taylor Swift fans are taking concert outfits to an enchanted new level

Ellen Fitzpatrick

A movement.

If you don’t know that Taylor Swift is currently on the US leg of her sold out Eras Tour at the moment, you might be living under a rock.

As the tour is in full swing, so are the fans and most importantly – so are their outfits.

The premise of this tour is the different eras that Taylor’s music has been through. Going from country to pop to folk and back around, there isn’t anything this woman hasn’t tried (and succeeded at).

As fans flock to each show in their thousands, each person takes on whichever era from Taylor’s 10 albums that resonates with them most and dresses to suit it.

To make that clearer, if someone feels like Fearless is mostly them – they are decked out in gold fringe and cowboy boots. Whereas if someone is more of a Reputation type of person, they might wear complete black leather and thigh high boots.

@creativecici247 about last night: Swifties are the absolute best !! #erastour #taylorswift #grwm #erastouroutfit #swiftcity #swiftcityarizona ♬ ERAS TOUR OUTFIT TRANSITION – paige!

Not only are they putting in more effort than any normal concert, Swifties are going hard and putting some real planning into this.

Some have their outfits ordered months in advance, others are handmaking them from scratch and others (me) have their look planned before a concert date has even been announced near them.

Fans are going all out, some have spent thousands to be transformed into T Swift for the night. Some have even put in as much effort as Taylor’s own stylists and designers for the tour.

Dressing up like this for concerts is a relatively new thing. We saw it last year with Harry Styles’ Love On Tour where fans would wear outrageously fun and girly looks.

@hairbykenzie.t Last one is EVERYONES fav ✨??@taylorswift #ErasTour #erastouroutfits ♬ Bejeweled – Taylor Swift

For the Eras Tour, it’s different as each outfit a fan chooses represents something to them. Some choose their era based on a specific time in their life and correspond it with the album that was released at the time. Others base it on which album connects to them most. Others simply just choose their favourite while some even combine different eras.

Dressing up for this tour is now an unwritten rule. Dads are coming in costume, boyfriends are decked out in the t-shirt from You Belong With Me or dressed as Romeo himself. Nobody going to this tour is an exception.

This is especially true for the famous fans in the audience, even they are dressing up. Over the weekend, Taylor performed in Arlington and fans were quick to see her famous bestie Selena Gomez was in the crowd with her sister Gracie.

Selena notably wore two low buns in her hair and an oversized cardigan, giving into the Folklore era. Her sister Gracie wore a replica of Taylor’s purple dress from the Speak Now tour.

@ionlyseetaylight_ selena at eras tour ?? #selena #selenagomez #swifttok #taylorswift #foryoupage #taylorsversion #swift #fypシ #gomez #selenatiktok #theerastour #erastour ♬ cardigan – Taylor Swift

If you’re planning on heading to this tour, make no mistake – this is a costume party but to a whole new level.

The style fans are going with is a new form of expression. Fashion has always been about self expression, it’s something we use to show the world who we are.

When it comes to the Eras Tour, it’s the same thing. Like wearing a football jersey to a match, dressing up like this is showing Taylor just how much her music can impact people.

These fans are proving that, representing specific moments in their lives that Taylor has been significant in through fashion. Fans are not only showing their support for this woman, but showing how she has supported them through different stages in their lives she may never have been aware of.

Taylor is constantly breaking records and changing the way we view music, now she is bringing that to the fashion industry and we couldn’t be more obsessed.

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