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01st Sep 2017

Tatler names all the really ‘posh’ stuff you can get in Ikea

Oooh, very fancy

Olivia Hayes

Our love for IKEA will never die.

We basically take the whole day off to run around the giant store, and from it’s cutlery, to bed linen, and those glorious meatballs at the end, we’re all like kids in Disneyland the minute we step foot inside the door.

And while you can buy basically any style of furniture in there, Tatler has totted up the 9 ‘poshest’ things you can purchase in the interior powerhouse.

It’ll look like you’re living in Hollywood now… rather than rainy Ireland:

STRANDMON wing chair – €225

IKEA STRANDMON wing chair 10 year guarantee. Read about the terms in the guarantee brochure.

SKOLD sheepskin rug – €45

IKEA SKOLD sheepskin Wool is soil-repellent and hard-wearing.

KRISTALLER chandelier – €45

IKEA KRISTALLER chandelier, 3-armed

STOCKHOLM pouffe – €235

IKEA STOCKHOLM pouffe Swivel function. You can use it as an extra seat for guests or as a footstool.

KONUNGSLIG champagne glasses – €6

IKEA KONUNGSLIG champagne glass

KOLDBY cow-hide rug – €225

IKEA KOLDBY cow hide The cowhide is naturally durable and will last for many years.

MOALIE wool throw – €45


BENARP armchair – €285

IKEA BENARP armchair The high back gives good support for your neck and head.

STOCKHOLM bowl – €14

IKEA STOCKHOLM bowl Stainless steel; gives the bowl weight and extra stability.