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27th Nov 2014

Style File: How to Pick the Perfect LBD for Your Body Shape

Choose a look your body will love with this handy LBD guide.

Rebecca McKnight

It’s the pre-Christmas holiday you never knew you needed. 

This Saturday, November 29th, is being dubbed “Little Black Dress Day” by department store Debenhams, who predict that more little black dresses are expected to be sold during business hours on Saturday than on any other day of the year.

Analysts for the retailer found that with less than a month to go before Christmas this is the week that sales of that wardrobe faithful, the LBD, are at their highest – up 29% on the average across the year, with sales predicted to peak this Saturday. 

Dubbed one of the all-time capsule wardrobe must-haves, alongside well cut jeans and a great white shirt, picking a good LBD will take you far.

With that in mind, Debenhams have created a special guide to help you choose the best dress for your body shape.

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