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10th Nov 2018

Stuck for the Christmas party? This €30 golden Zara dress will sort you out

Pippa O'Connor's Zara blouse is the kind of thing we wouldn't pick but looks amazing

Obsessed, yeah?

It’s November.

So, naturally, everybody is freaking the f*ck out about their upcoming Christmas parties.

Where’s it going to be? Will there be a night-long bar tab? Is Richard from sales finally going to get hot and heavy with Leanne on the front desk?

And, maybe more important than all of that – what are you going to wear? 

Do you know yet? Of course you don’t, it’s only early November and that’s a problem for late November or, even better yet, the night before because you just love to make things difficult for yourself.

Why not make them a slight bit easier though and just go onto the Zara website, seek out this €30 gold dress, and be sorted?

You might as well, like.

Just look at it. Optimum Christmas party material.

Jazzy? Check.

Strappy? Check.

Showing enough skin that you’ll entice Rob from accounts but leaving enough to the imagination that Aaron from editorial will leave you alone for once.


According to Zara’s website, the dress has “… a wrap-style pareo skirt, a sweetheart neckline and thin straps. Featuring a waist seam with pleats falling down the skirt and back zip fastening hidden in the seam.”


It’s only €29.95 too so, you know, might as well.