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09th Apr 2022

How to stop constantly wearing all black (we’re all guilty)

Ellen Fitzpatrick

If the celebs can do it, so can we.

Black, it goes with everything and is the easiest colour to style – but sometimes it can be so draining.

We’re all guilty of it, wearing all black because it’s just easier and avoiding any sort of colour in our wardrobes, we all do it.

Colour can be daunting, knowing what goes together, what patterns suit you and ensuring you’re not clashing in the worst way.

But colour is in and we need to start embracing it, especially since summer is only around the corner.

While the monochromatic look was once all the rage, Kendell Jenner has recently proven that colour palettes are the way to go when it comes to the latest fashion trends.

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A post shared by Kendall (@kendalljenner)

Posing in a printed maxi dress by Loewe, it was splashed with every colour we could think of, hugging her body in the best way, it immediately going out of stock, which we were not surprised by at all.

Just take a leaf out of the red carpet looks this year, while we have seen a few black numbers, the majority have been bright colours and statement pieces, something that can truly bring some more life to your wardrobe.

While it’s unlikely that you’ll be heading into Penneys to find something similar to the Oscars red carpet, the inspiration is still there.

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A post shared by Kendall (@kendalljenner)

Kim Kardashian’s Balenciaga blue dress at the Vanity Fair after party, Doja Cat’s Grammy red carpet looks, Jessica Chastain’s Gucci red carpet gown, there are so many different forms of colour and texture we can look for in high street stores.

Going back to Kendall for a minute, she also posted another we can really take some inspo from. Posting a snap on Instagram of herself in Las Vegas, she wore a patterned mini body-con dress by Maisie Wilen, and it’s the perfect way to kickstart some colour into your wardrobe.

Stores like Bershka, Zara, Stradivarius and ASOS have endless supplies of patterns, colours and textures, all we need to do is take Kendall’s guidance and go out and look.