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24th Sep 2020

5 fashion staples we all need in our wardrobe to see us through to winter

It's getting blustery out there

Fashion for the winter months ahead that will brighten up your style!

It’s time to bundle up and get cost, the bigger the jumper the better in my opinion! Gone are the days of the legs and arms out, and to be honest… we kind of love it.

I mean, I love summer but it is nice to get cosy and wear layers, there’s just something about putting on a jumper for every occasion in the winter that I love.

I find with winter I usually have a few staple items in my closet that get me through the whole season and sometimes even bring me to next season. A nice refresh is always fun but I get a lot of wear out of coats that I bought a few years ago so you don’t have to buy everything new.

Here are the pieces that are a must in my winter wardrobe…

Trench Coat

A good coat is half the battle, I just made that up but it’s now my new line. The one above is a style that will go with every outfit this winter and definitely dresses up a casual look. This year I have a long trench coat that is going to be my go-to for most occasions, It’s cream and water proof and it goes right down to my toes, I plan on wearing it everywhere and will probably be found with a hoodie underneath and a pair of skinny jeans.

Baggy Hoodie

An outfit staple I used to have in my wardrobe as a kid and now it’s back in there. Don’t under estimate the power of a very new, very stylish hoodie and honestly you don’t even have to spend a fortune, you can if you want but I have found some great ones in Penneys for less than 20 euro and they are in there now. I have a COS hoodie that will be found on me most of the time.

Biker Boots

I got for flat boots with laces like the ones above but I know a lot of people love a statement black little bootie with a heal butI love more of a chunky flat. I think they go great with skinny jeans or else those days when you might wear a dress and shave the legs for a night on the town I think they work great too. Military style boots that go just a bit above the ankle are the style I’m going to have.

Bucket Hat

Get yourself a hat, it really does make an outfit and especially in the winter. This style bucket hat as seen above is one that will be very on trend for the months to come. Also think of the bad hair days when your hair isn’t looking its finest, you just throw on a hat and you’re good to go.

Skinny Jeans

You can’t go wrong with a pair of skinny jeans, they really can bring you from daytime to nighttime and they can switch from casual to classy in a flash. I will usually be found wearing a black pair of these throughout the winter months.

Wrap up warm… it’s getting blustery.