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05th Jun 2022

This simple TikTok hack proves we have been using the Zara website completely wrong


I don’t know about you, but I have always found the Zara website really bad.

Yes, it looks the part – like a cool editorial in a high-end magazine – but when it comes to using it to actually browse, look for something or trying to figure out how things would actually look on a normal person not posing like she was in a spread in Vogue, well, they fell short, in my humble opinion.

And I am not the only one thinking this – asking around, so many of my friends have admitted they felt the same, the Zara website is hard to navigate, has a strange layout and is just a bit all over the place.

Well – guys – it might not be Zara’s fault, as it turns out.

According to a clever TikTok-er (seriously … what did we do before TikTok…?) we have just been using the Zara website all wrong.

@livbedz am I the only one who didn’t know this ?‍??‍? #zara #zarahaul #onlineshopping ♬ original sound – ??‍♀️

TikTok user @livbedz recently took to the video sharing app to show us all how to actually use the Zara website – and honestly, I feel a little bit stupid right now.

If you take a look at the Zara website, you will see that next to the search bar, there is a function named ‘view.’

Click here, and voila – all the images on the site, instead of being a jumble and appearing just one by one and having you scroll forever to look through each section, now look so much clearer and more organised.

Mind. Blown.