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08th Feb 2019

River Island have released a dupe of the Dior saddle bag and we’re in love

It was the must-have bag of the early 2000s.

And Dior sent the the members of the fashion community into a frenzy last year when they announced the return of their iconic saddle bag.

Easily one of the most popular bags of the last eight months, it feels like we’ve seen them just about everywhere. 

But since the prices for one range from €2,500 to €7,500, we’re probably never going to be rich enough to buy one.

Thankfully, River Island have come to the rescue with a pretty uncanny dupe – at just a fraction of the price.

And it comes in two different colours.

The high street retailer have unveiled two different versions of their ‘saddle underarm bag’: a white, croc-embossed one and a dark beige one.

Since the Dior bag comes in many, many different colours and styles, it’s a pretty close dupe of the real thing.

At €40, the ‘saddle underarm bag’ is just a fraction of the cost of the original – and we’ll be snapping this up ASAP.

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