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31st Jan 2021

Rattan: Natural fibre furniture is here to stay, here’s some affordable picks that nail the trend

Woven, natural, rattan, we’ll take it all.

Well, we’re still here… sitting inside, willing the hours away. Might as well adore our homes and indulge in some interior trends while we’re at it, am I right?

Lately, we’ve been devouring the natural fibre furniture trend. Who knew that one piece of furniture could transform the space you’re in to a Byron Bay inspired beach oasis? If we close our eyes, we can practically taste the Vitamin D.

Natural fibres, such as rattan or wicker have become increasingly popular in interior trends over the past year. The traditional material is being used in chairs, carpets, lighting, you name it. We adore how this, traditionally old-fashioned material, is being mixed and matched with more modern designs to bring it bang up to date.

As someone who detests grey, I’m delighted that the earthy rich tones, warm colours and natural fibres are making a comeback, we all deserve a little warmth in our life (I said warmth, not magnolia… let’s not get it twisted).

These natural fibres blend beautifully with dried flowers, warm colour palettes and darker woods so, it’s a versatile look that can be incorporated into many different spaces.

We’ve picked out some affordable pieces that are available to buy online from Ireland, so you can get cosy for the final few weeks of winter.

Ikea rattan footstool with extra storage – €70 

Zara rattan chair – €99

Hanging light with dual lampshade from – €77.90



SKLUM wicker table lamp – €36.99

H&M Rattan hanging baskets – €14.99