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28th Oct 2017

This popular shoe store is a hidden gem for designer dupe handbags

Some serious bargains too!

Denise Curtin

We have always been a major fan of Aldo shoes but now our grá for the store has hit a new level.

Check out these STUNNING bags, many of which seem super similar to to their designer counterparts. We are seeing similarities to Prada, Stella McCartney and Chloé in Aldo’s latest offering of bags. We cannot believe we haven’t found this hidden handbag haven sooner.

With prices ranging from as little as €20, these handbags are not only beautiful, but there are some serious bargains on the website too!

Here are our top picks

1. Yudin – €41.98 (Prada dupe!!)

2. Lousanna – €75 (Stella McCartney dupe!!)

3. Tonga – €37.98 

4. Greenwald – €60 (Stella McCartney dupe!!)

5. Kairede – €45 

6. Miroissi – €60 (Chloé dupe!!)

7. Lebovits – €34.98 (Prada dupe!!)

8. Moraine – €50