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20th Sep 2021

People are losing it over these “bum rip” jeans from Topshop

Ellen Fitzpatrick

These are interesting, to say the least.

A pair of jeans on Topshop has the internet going into a frenzy – and as soon as you see them, you’ll understand why.

Listed on ASOS, the jeans are on sale on the online retailer and feature one very distinct aspect that has people really confused, there are huge rips underneath the bum.

Costing €55.99 on their site, from the front they look like any normal pair of jeans, a blue wash denim with a straight leg cut, something completely in fashion at the moment.

But from the back, more is exposed than you would first think. With no rips anywhere else, there is just one slit on the right bum cheek.

They may not be the only pair of jeans on the market like this, but the Topshop version are definitely the ones that have grabbed the attention of social media.

One person wrote on Twitter: “I surely did not just see topshop selling jeans that you can buy with a LEGIT bum rip, I’m talking big hole in them just below the butt cheek and charging you £43 for the privilege.

“Explain the thought process behind this! Someone! Anyone!”

Another wrote: “*rubs eyes* Bum… Rip… Jeans. Okay…”

A third said: “Jeans with a slash or rip on the bum, what’s the meaning?”

A fourth wrote: “i find a cute pair of jeans and they’ll have a rip at the bum, who’s buying these and where are u wearing them??”

One person also pointed out that this trend isn’t new, with celebrities like Kylie Jenner spotted in them years ago. Let’s just hope it’s not something that’s making a comeback.