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17th Nov 2022

Why wide leg jeans are the only pair you need

Ellen Fitzpatrick

Get yourself a pair.

If you haven’t heard yet, wide leg jeans are the big thing this year and there are a few reasons they’ve risen in popularity over the last few months.

It seems that over the years we’ve seen a lot of different jean trends, skinny jeans were the it girl in the 2010s, we had bootleg in the mid 2000s and now, it’s time for another change.

But why are people swearing by a wide leg cut? These jeans are perfect for giving that effortless look. Ensuring you still look put together while not trying too much, they truly are becoming the pinnacle of fashion.

Not to mention the biggest bonus when it comes to these, they’re comfier than any other jeans that have been in our wardrobes. Slimmer styles or super skinny jeans can be a nightmare to squeeze into, whereas with wide leg, they slip on like a glove. Not to mention that the baggyness gives so much more comfort – think no more digging in to places you really don’t want them to.

When it comes to these jeans, there is no one shape you have to go for, there are a slim and slight wide leg cut, you can go for something that is a lot more exaggerated or find a nice balance of both.

But when it comes to styling these shape of jeans, it is a lot simpler than you’d think. Less is more here as typically, the jeans speak for themselves. Think a crisp t-shirt, simple over shirt or even just your favourite crop top.

Some people avoid denim at all costs as it can be extremely uncomfortable, especially if you’re in it all day. Denim can have no give and eventually make you feel claustrophobic in your own clothes.

But with wide leg jeans, this aspect is eliminated. There is room, give and more times than none, it feels as if you’re not even in a pair of jeans.

So where should you be looking to find the perfect pair for the best price? From my personal experience with wide leg jeans (and by experience, I mean obsession), the best places are the high street. Zara’s range is great quality and they have an extensive selection. You can stay under €50 for a pair too, so it really is a win-win. The only piece of advice here would be to size up in their jeans as the material is quite stiff.

Another great brand for wide leg jeans is Collusion on ASOS. These are the comfiest jeans I’ve ever bought and really give that effortless look. When it comes to these, they offer some quirkier designs than Zara, as most of theirs are a more classic look. With Collusion, they have ripped pairs, drop crotch pairs, cargo style, everything you could look for from around €30-€40.

If you want a less extreme take on this, an everyday pair that maintain the slim look of skinny jeans but work with the wide leg style, Levi’s Ribcage jeans are your best bet. They have more room than skinny jeans and give the slight flare of wide leg jeans, the perfect in between. These can get pricey though, but the quality speaks for itself.