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10th Feb 2019

Penneys is selling a €12 bag that’s really similar to THAT €1,350 Chloé one

Olivia Hayes

We love a good bargain.

As much as we would love to spend all of our money on clothes, bags and shoes, there are a few little things called food and rent that we *have* to put our cash towards.

Which leaves us with not enough spare change to splash out on anything majorly expensive.

That’s why when a high street stores releases a dupe of our favourite designer pieces, we absolutely jump at them.

Penneys is great for doing a designer dupe and the latest one is a bag that looks pretty similar to an expensive Chloé one.

This is the Chloé version, going for €1,350 (if you do have the moola for it – very jealousyou can check it out here):

And here is the Penneys version:

Quilted Bamboo Handle Handbag

With similar detailing and colouring it’s the next best thing to have if you don’t want to spend most of your wages.

Penneys also recently released a Gucci bag dupe in stores.

The black Gucci bag that everyone is going mad for is a bit more streamlined than the Penneys version (obvs), but they’re pretty similar – Penneys even has a dupe of the Gucci logo on the front of its bag.

The Gucci one is available here and comes in at €1,500:

And here’s the Penneys version for €10.

Enlarged photo

While the high street one is quilted, and not as OTT as the designer version, you really can’t go wrong for a tenner.

You can find the Penneys bag in stores nationwide.