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03rd Oct 2018

Penneys just launched the most INCREDIBLE collection of Minnie Mouse heels

Rebecca O'Keeffe


Okay, we’re overwhelmed!

Do you ever just see something online and INSTANTLY need it in your life?

Well, that pretty much happened to us last night, when Penneys revealed a shiny new shoe collection.

And by shiny, we really do mean shiny!

Taking to Instagram stories last night, the brand gave us all a look at their new Minnie Mouse inspired high heels.

Lads, they are so stunning it’s outrageous!


“Disney fans, be prepared to be knocked off your feet,” Penneys said before sharing snaps of the gorgeous shoes.

Made up of six gorgeous styles, the heels are all absolutely magical.


There are classic sparkly stilettos with a pointed toe – but they have cute little mouse ears on the back.

Then there are the strappy heels, which come in black glitter and gold glitter.

But, the cutest pair of shoes in the Penneys collection has to be the little block heels with the red bow.

We want them so badly it actually hurts.

The shoes will hit all Penneys stores next week, and will cost €18 per pair.

We’ll be buying every single pair.