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02nd Feb 2019

Penneys just released an exact dupe of the Dior saddle bag and we are obsessed

In. Actual. Love.

We’ve basically seen every celebrity, influencer and blogger with the Dior saddle bag. It was one of the most popular styles of last year and the fashion community nabbed one the minute they went on sale.

Of course, since they range from €2,500 to €7,500 we’re probably never going to be rich enough to buy one.

Saddle calfskin bag front view

However, Penneys has delighted us all by selling a dupe that we absolutely adore.

It comes in a zebra print, and since the Dior version comes in numerous different styles, the Penneys piece is an exact dupe of the real thing.

The dupe comes in at €10 (TEN EURO) which we can all agree is much more affordable than the real version.


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Saddle up, baby! ? Bag £8/€10/$12 #Primark #accessories #fashion

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The bag is available in stores, but no doubt everyone will want one so we’d act SUPER fast to nab one.

If you’re shopping in Penneys this weekend be sure to look out for this top as it’s arriving in stores soon.

Jeans and a nice top is getting a facelift and we’re declaring a rename to jeans and a stun top because this €13 catch is one that’ll fly off the shelves.

Featuring a cropped shape, beautiful blush pink colour and front tie, this top is flattering and perfect for popping over jeans or leather pants. Sorted.