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07th Feb 2019

Penneys has just released a €10 dupe of THAT Gucci bag

This will be coming with us on every night out.

A small black bag is something that every woman needs. It’s handy if you’re going shopping in town so you don’t have to bring a big handbag with you and it’s perfect for a night out if you only want to carry your phone and a some lipstick.

However, most of us would be hard pushed to pay €1,500 for a bag (even if it is absolutely gorgeous). So, instead we’re heading to Penneys where there are dupes galore for just about everything you might need.

The black Gucci bag that everyone is going mad for is a bit more streamlined than the Penneys version (obvs), but they’re pretty similar – Penneys even has a dupe of the Gucci logo on the front of its bag.

The Gucci one is available here and comes in at €1,500:

And here’s the Penneys version for €10.

Enlarged photo

While the high street one is quilted, and not as OTT as the designer version, you really can’t go wrong for a tenner.

You can find the Penneys bag in stores nationwide.