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09th Oct 2017

The Penneys homeware bits perfect for hosting duties this festive season

We want everything!

Rose gold and copper everywhere!

While we don’t want to get carried away about the C word just yet – it is only October after all – we also don’t want to miss out on all the goodies that are already making their way into shops either.

Yes, the early bird gets the worm as they say, so we’ve been keeping our eyes peeled for some festive goodies to jazz up our homes ever since we started seeing fake snow appear in shop-fronts.

And one place we always like to keep an eye on is Penneys.

Yes, as soon as something glorious hits the shop floor in Penneys it’s selling out, so we like to be prepared when it comes to the must-haves.

Here are just a few of the bits we’ll be picking up in the run-up to you know what.


1. Copper Large Tea Cup – €5


2. Copper Crush Blush Napkins – €2.50


3. Copper-Tipped Wine Glasses (2PK) – €8


4. Sequined Table Cloth – €12


5. Copper Polka Dot Tumbler Glasses (2PK) – €6


6. Copper Polka Dot Cocktail Shaker – €6


7. Copper-Tipped Champagne Flutes (2PK) – €8


8. Copper Stag Bottle Topper – €2


9. Salt and Pepper Shaker Stars – €4


10. Copper PU Placemats (2Pk) – €4


11. Wine Charms (4PK) – €1.50


Feature image: Pinterest.