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25th Mar 2024

Bubble plates are trending – here’s how to get the Gustaf Westman look

Anna Martin

At this point, we’ve all seen those bubble plates on TikTok

Don’t pretend like you don’t know exactly what we’re talking about, every second creator has either spoken about them or has plated up a fancy meal on one and said nothing.

From their oversized brims to their pastel colours something about them just sparks joy.

So where can you get yourself a set and are there any dupes out there for us folks on a budget?

How did this all start?


Eat whatever is left in the fridge kind of day 🫶

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If you’re in the market to buy a set of the original ones look no further than Swedish designer, Gustaf Westman.

Gustaf went from being an architect to the man behind some of the most sought-after furniture and homeware when he opened his studio back in 2020.

They really came to the public’s attention when TikTok influencer, Matilda Djerf posted herself using one in a video.

She could be seen loading a salad onto a pink bubble plate – essentially, a huge plate with a thick, bubble-like rim – back in October, before sharing a similar video once more on December 26th.

The second video got over 657,000 views, with her fans sharing how much they loved the plates she was using wanting to know where she had got them.

Credit: Gustaf Westman

People just couldn’t get enough of these ceramic creations as kitchen retailer Magnet revealed that searches for ‘chunky plates’ had gone up by a huge 337% in the month after they were first seen on TikTok.

Searches for ‘bubble plates’ has also increased by 103% in the same time period, suggesting that fellow interior fans are keen to channel the aesthetic trend themselves.

Where can I get them?

You can get them straight from the man himself, Gustaf Westman, from his website.

The ceramic creations are available in a wide range of candy-coloured pastels to suit anyone’s taste.

But, getting full dining set will be an investment as the retailer for €55 each and are currently completely out of stock.

WENSHUO Chubby Cute Couple Mug & Saucer bubble plates
WENSHUO Chubby Cute Couple Mug & Saucer Credit: Amazon

If you’re feeling just a wee bit impatient and don’t want to have to buy a full set of dishes, there are alternative options out there.

If you want something in a hurry, Amazon has a great alternative in the form of the WENSHUO Chubby Cute Couple Mug & Saucer for €30.46 for that once-off piece.

Etsy also offers a wide range of bubble-inspired ceramics, from mugs to trinket dishes as well.