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22nd Nov 2019

Online haul? We should all be shopping on our laptops, not our phones

Olivia Hayes

We all know the drill.

It’s night time, you’re not ready to go to sleep just yet, Netflix is on in the background and you’re mindlessly scrolling through your phone.

You might have a holiday coming up, a birthday or you’re thinking about the upcoming office Christmas party – and then it hits you; you have to buy something.

Whether it’s a fancy top to go with your ancient jeans or an entire new outfit, you will scroll through the pages of ASOS or Nasty Gal for hours to find it.

However, it seems that if you want to splurge on an online haul, you should be whipping out your laptop and staying away from your phone.

Prof. Lior Fink, head of the Mobile Behavior Lab and a member of the BGU Department of Industrial Engineering and Management spoke to Stylist and said that when you’re shopping on your phone, you don’t get as much information as you do when shopping on a desktop, which may lead you to making a poor decision.

The professor said: “It is actually the fact that sites adjusted for mobile viewing reduce the information offered on the results page and require more digging around in the site for information. Sites adjusted for PC viewing give more information right up front.

“Most e-commerce providers use ‘responsive web design’ to adapt the presentation of information to the device used. While mobile friendly presentation improves visibility, it reduces the amount of information and causes consumers to make decisions that are less consistent with their preferences.”

Many online shops reduce he information shown on phones so we might be better turning off Netflix for a couple of minutes and shopping on our laptops instead.