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30th Jan 2020

We’re not totally against the ugly sandal dubbed to be ‘it shoe’ of the summer

Is it wrong to love them? (If so, we don't want to be right!)

OK, hear me out.

When it comes to fashion, we’re like moths to a flame. Today we think something is ugly, tomorrow we’re converted. Maybe not always that fast but that’s the general trajectory.

I remember when I first saw Balenciaga Triple S trainers, I think I even wrote about them looking like “shoes for dinosaurs” and then low and behold, a few months later I was buying every dupe imaginable to fill the €795 hole in my heart that couldn’t afford the real deal.

Pathetic some might say, fashion others will agree.

The crazy thing about fashion is how we follow trends, how we watch style change and how we agree to wearing something we couldn’t imagine ourselves in yesterday.

It’s bizarre yes, but also quite exciting to see what’s set to become nouveau chic tomorrow.

And so, I introduce you to the “ugly shoe” deemed to be the sandal we’ll see all over Instagram this summer and in turn, the one we’re all going to want to get our mitts on.

Introducing your new summer shoe 


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Maseur Sandals are reflexology, orthopaedic-like sandals often sold in pharmacies in Australia and worn by those aged 90 plus however, in recent times they’ve been given a new lease a life and the Aussie fash pack is living for them.

Yes, they’re not overly gorgeous looking but they’re not ugly either as previously stated by others and they’ve got health benefits too so, what’s not to love?

From helping your posture to your circulation, these sliders are selling themselves to us and they’re over €500 cheaper than other “ugly” fashion shoes like those Louis Vuitton space runners or Givenchy’s banded runners.


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Only thing is, as the trend is still ripe, they’re not available in Ireland just yet but keep a close eye on Maseur’s website for changes (or get friends in Oz to send you over a pair) because these puppies are going to be big.

Ttyl Birkenstocks, you’ve had your ugly shoe moment to shine.