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23rd Nov 2022

Naked shoes are the new naked dress… yes, really

Ellen Fitzpatrick

Oh, dear.

Yes, you really read that headline, naked shoes are now a thing and they’re hitting the runways.

We all remember the naked dress phase where everywhere we would turn, there would be a sheer dress style being thrown at us. And while it was not necessarily a bad thing, we’re just hoping we’re finally seeing the back of it.

Now, it seems that the naked show trend is coming. This time around though, it’s not about showing off as much skin as possible but instead focusing more on getting your toes out. And at this time of year, we have to admit we’re sceptical.

We’re not talking about the era of strappy sandals, we talking the return of the heels that you could literally see through. We’re talking transparent PVC and mesh materials that leave your foot completely exposed while at the same time being completely covered.

If you remember a few years ago, Kim Kardashian was utterly obsessed with these, but at Loewe’s spring/summer 2023 show, it seemed they took some inspiration from this and ran with it.

Models walked up and down the runway in completely clear shoes, with the fashion house creating the ultimate mix between the bare necessities and high fashion.

While we can’t help but think how these might work out in a night club with drink spilled everywhere or even just walking on dirty ground, they look to be the next big thing. Just keep some baby wipes in your handbag for emergencies.

Net-a-Porter has seen a 400% increase in searches for “transparent heels” during fashion month and market director Libby Page has claimed the company has bought in 18 new styles for the upcoming season.

Acne Studios and Bottega Veneta also seem to be jumping on this trend with boots made from translucent mesh, giving a little bit more coverage but still opting for that see through look.

They certainly may not be everybody’s cup of tea, but you can make bets now that every celebrity will be wearing them in the next few months. Kim K is going to really be in her element…