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22nd Apr 2020

It’s World Earth Day and Zalando has a collection of sustainable brands that we’re weak for

For many of us, sustainability plays a significant role in our sartorial decisions.

Whether it’s eschewing fast fashion, seeking out swap-shop events or simply searching for more sustainable options online, it’s fair to say that the vast majority of us have increased our efforts on this front in recent years.

And given the efforts we make as consumers, most of us expect fashion platforms to acknowledge this, and actively endeavour to make strides of their own.

With that in mind, let’s consider Zalando’s latest campaign.

In an effort to promote their mission to become a sustainable fashion platform, Zalando has launched a campaign which stars actual Zalando employees, who are not only building a more sustainable future for the company but are also passionate advocates of sustainability in their personal lives.

Not too bad at all.

And as today marks the 50th anniversary of Earth Day, Zalando, which was founded in Berlin in 2008, has taken the opportunity to dedicate its homepage to more sustainable fashion for the entire day. No better time, indeed.

Commenting on the endeavour, Kate Heiny, Director Sustainability at Zalando, said: “We want to make it easy for customers to spot and shop more sustainable fashion; not only providing them with an assortment of over 30,000 articles flagged with “sustainability”, but also all information they need to make more sustainable choices.”

Head of Creative Direction at Zalando, Lydia Gries, is also eager to illustrate the collaborative effort which has gone into the latest campaign – the third initiative in Zalando’s sustainability strategy do.MORE.

“It’s a special campaign for us as the talents are not only sustainability advocates ,but also Zalando employees,” she explains.

“We want to show that sustainability at Zalando is a true collaboration of several departments working toward one goal. Each of them is personally contributing to Zalando’s sustainability goals and we’re really happy to show the faces behind those efforts.”

So, what are you waiting for? There’s never been a better day to celebrate the importance of shopping for sustainable options!