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19th Feb 2021

Meath woman makes macramé boob pot holders and we’re obsessed

How amazing are these?

Since lockdown started last year (I know I can’t believe it’s almost been a whole year) I’ve mainly been keeping myself occupied by decorating the house.

Whether it’s been painting the walls, hanging pictures or buying new furniture (online of course), it’s been a good way of keeping busy.

While picking up bits and bobs for the house one thing I tried to do was stick to small Irish businesses and honestly there are some fab ones.

Seriously, if there’s a silver lining to be had in these ‘unprecedented times’ it’s that I’ve discovered a lot of new small Irish businesses including one that creates some very unique pot holders.


Yes you are seeing those pot holders correctly, they are handmade macramé boob pot holders and I most definitely need to buy one.

Created by Not Knot Studio, these are truly unique pieces whose description on Shop In Ireland reads;

“Looking for that something different? Look no further!! These fabulously quirky macrame boobs are full of personality, choose to display your pair as a plant hanger or wallhanging.”

I’m sold, add to cart!

The artist behind Not Knot and the amazing macramé boobs is Meath based artist Michelle Cretaro Byrne.

Cretaro Byrne tentatively posted about her macramé boob pot holders a few weeks in the Shop In Ireland group that helps to promote small Irish businesses.

Unsure of what reception her quirky designs would receive she recently posted into the group again to say she is blown away with the support for her designs;

“Hello again!! To my absolute delight (and relief ), my Macramé Boobs went down a treat (they’d actually make a fab Mother’s Day gift ). I’ve just added my new ‘Retro’ Plant Hanger Collection to my shop.The biggest “thank you” for all of your wonderful support.”

Michelle’s amazing macramé boob pot holders are €52 and come in four colours – blank, pink, mustard and camel.

Not Knot Studio also have a wide selection of other incredible products designed by Cretaro Byrne which you can peruse here.