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15th Apr 2018

2,000 safety pins!? What really goes into making those Victoria’s Secret wings

It's totally worth it!

It’s one of the biggest events in the fashion calendar.

The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show is one of the most anticipated catwalk shows of the year and fans across the globe wait up to catch a glimpse of the incredible costumes the designers have created each year.

While many might not see the appeal of the lingerie catwalk show, we adore every aspect of the fashionable event – especially those wings.

Yes, the angel wings that the select few get to wear at the show are usually some of the most showstopping pieces to feature on a runway.

However, with all that intricacy comes a whole lot of work.

Yes, from the moment the show ends, designers are already busy preparing for next year’s show.

From feather specialists to sculptors, Victoria’s Secret pulls out all the stops to make sure they continue to outdo themselves every year.

They’ve been showing fans of the show exactly how much work goes into it and we’re tired just looking at it.