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30th Sep 2018

Louise Cooney’s €70 ASOS blazer should be in everyone’s wardrobe this winter

Rebecca O'Keeffe

louise cooney


It seems like we’re inspired by Louise Cooney’s style almost every week.

She always has these amazing key pieces that we lust after.

The latest item we of Louise’s we can’t be without? A black and white blazer from ASOS.

In fairness now, Meghan Markle has unearthed the trend of women wearing suits, and we’re all on board.

However it can be hard to find a tailored item you like.

Well, thanks to Louise Cooney, we are officially ready to spend some money.

Earlier this week, the blonde beauty stepped out wearing a houndstooth blazer from ASOS.

She paired the item with denim shorts (which we won’t do) and massive sunnies.

Needless to say, she looked like a total rockstar.

And so, we went hunting – in the hopes of tracking the gorgeous blazer down.

louise cooney

DING DING DING, we were successful!

The houndstooth blazer is from ASOS, and is currently available of their website for €76.

With sizes ranging from a 4 to an 18, they have covered a wide range of shapes.

Oh, and if you fancy going all out with your look, there are trousers to match the blazer.

Thank you Louise Cooney for the glorious inspiration!