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29th Jul 2019

Last minute underwear hacks if you’re heading to Ladies Day at the Galway Races

And so it begins!

The Galway Races has kicked off today with an entire week of celebrations ahead. Ladies Day is on Thursday and while you might have your dress and hat picked out, you might not have given a second thought to underwear.

You want your guná (or suit/jumpsuit) to sit as perfectly as possible, so as Her’s fashion editor I drafted in the best in the business to give us all some advice.

I spoke to Susan Hunter about all things undies, and she gave me some stellar tips and tricks to help you choose what’s best for you.

“For women who plan to wear a close-fitting outfit, a good supportive garment is a gift. There are two types. The first is control. These are usually panelled and boned and give the best shape,” she said.

“The other is a smoothing garment, with not as much control… and the bad ones just round you off and make you look like a sausage!

Susan continued: “The best of all – as far as I am concerned – is the Elia Body by Cadolle. It is a 14 panelled boned bodysuit.

“It gives an amazing waistline and flat stomach. It also supports the back for extra comfort. It comes in sizes XS to XXL, in colours Black and Nude.”

As for those of you who have chosen a looser fitting garment, the lingerie pro says: “If wearing a loose dress, nothing beats a pure silk slip! But really, a loose-fitting dress only requires a good bra and briefs, both for comfort and shape.”

For a smooth look, the “Prima Donna Smooth shorts [are best], totally smooth on the bottom and stomach. Coupled with a good fitting bra this is very effective lingerie for under any garment.”

If you’re concerned about your underwear being uncomfortable as the day goes on, Susan explains that “properly fitted” pieces are your best bet – so it’s worth being measured.

“Good underwear, properly fitted, lasts from day to night. It won’t budge and will be comfortable. If it does budge and is uncomfortable then it’s a bit like cheap shoes, tight, pinching and nasty. Quality pays you back.”

For those of you who have a bigger bust, then you’ll know the struggle of finding a good bra. The difference of choosing the right one is essential to hold you in and keep you from fidgeting all day long.

Susan says that you really have to go back to basics here and be fitted by a professional. “Whether going to the races or just for everyday life, a good fitting bra is essential for bigger busts. Service is our watchword.”

Susan Hunter Lingerie is located in the Westbury Mall on Grafton Street and opens Monday to Saturday.