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26th Oct 2018

Kate Middleton has a genius secret for wearing heels all day (without pain)

So that's how she does it!

Cathy Donohue

It all makes sense now.

Kate Middleton attends a LOT of public engagements and is rarely spotted without her trusty nude heels, but this often makes us wonder how she manages them on a daily basis.

We can’t go for more than a couple of hours without having to sit down or take a rest so anything that makes wearing heels more bearable is good news.

According to a Vanity Fair article, first published back in 2015 but making a splash on the internet again in recent days, the Duchess of Cambridge is a big fan of Alice Bow insoles, that you can interchange between different pairs of shoes.

Kate Middleton's secret

At the time of publication, a source told the magazine:

‘Kate has ordered a couple of packets, she thinks they are great.

‘The insoles are all handmade in Britain from fine Italian leather and promise “long lasting comfort and confidence”.’

A spokesperson for Alice Bow also weighed in on the rumours, saying:

‘There has been talk of the Duchess wearing the insoles, but we cannot comment either way. We have seen a massive surge in site visits however’.

There are a  number of different options available on the website including coloured and personalised (naturally enough) insoles with prices starting at £14.95 (€17) for one pair.

So now we know how Kate manages to keep smiling even when she’s walking around in heels for a few days in a row (those royal tours abroad). We might just have to try it…