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15th Sep 2017

Juicy Couture is back and it actually looks kind of class

We're not even messing.

Anna O'Rourke

We’re as surprised as you are.

Juicy Couture was the ‘It’ brand of the noughties, but eventually the time came for us to hang up our velour tracksuits and get on with our lives.

We thought that was the end for Juicy but we’re rethinking everything we know based on these very stylish looks from its New York Fashion Week presentation.

The brand announced last month that it had a new creative director, Jamie Mizrahi, best known as Katy Perry’s stylist and we have to say we’re kind of loving her take on things.

We’re not going to try and tell you that the stuff is super-wearable for every day, but it’s definitely giving us high-end/ blogger/ street style feels.

Like couldn’t you see Kendall Jenner getting papped leaving the gym in this ravey-looking tracksuit?

Or Selena Gomez pairing this dress with some hoops while out and about running errands?

Now, Juicy wouldn’t be Juicy without a bit of velour and in a fun nod to its roots, it also showcased a few tracks.

We wouldn’t be surprised to see a reality star wearing one of these on Instagram – it’s just giving us that vibe.

In case you need more convincing, Juicy Couture has also upped its Insta game and is well worth a scroll these days.

Outlaw ⚡️@jacknewport @karissarowe #OWNYOURJUICY

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The brand will have to work hard to shake the reputation it gained ten years ago but this collection kind of suggests Juicy is leaning into its past rather than running from it.

Does this mean that it’ll make a comeback? We wouldn’t rule it out.