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04th May 2017

Are you a hardcore fashion geek? Here are 9 must-follow Insta accounts

These are only for true style lovers.

Everyone and their dog is a fashionista in 2017 – we all follow multiple influencers and have our fingers on the pulse of every trend thanks to the internet.

But are you a balls-to-the-wall fashion geek? Do like to read up on the history of fashion houses? Do you get excited by old-school fashion magazines? Are you one of those slightly painful people who thinks fashion is an art form?

Then this post is for you.

Here are our favourite fashion Instagram accounts that aren’t bloggers.


  1. @70sbabes

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Full of dreamy, washed-out pictures of pop culture icons from the past, this account will give you boho inspiration.


2. @everyoutfitonsatc

Does what it says on the tin – the account is a “a quest to document every outfit on Sex & the City”, according to the ladies who curate it. Fabulous.


3. @documentingfashion_courtauld

This account is a stunning collection of vintage fashion imagery, including editorial photos and magazine covers that will take you back in time.


4. @myvintagevogue

If you like all things kitsch, you’ll love this “archive of 20th century fashion photography and advertising”.


5. @vintagefashionmagazines

Another one that does what it says the tin. The imagery comes mostly from the second half of the 20th century.


6. @goldenfilm

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Not technically fashion-based but there’s serious inspiration here.


7. @janebirkindaily

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A page dedicated solely to fashion’s original It girl, Jane Birkin.


8. @staleywisegallery

A collection of high-end photos from New York’s Staley Wise Gallery.


9. @costumeinstitutelibrary

A reference library of pics from the people who brought you the Met Gala.