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03rd Aug 2019

Hair goals! This is how to make your salon blow-dry last as long as possible

Trine Jensen-Burke

It’s amazing how much more on top of the world we feel when our hair is looking great.

Seriously – when my hair is blow-dried into perfect, bouncy beachwaves, I can literally take on anything.

The thing is – regular blow-dries can be a bit of a budget buster, so when you get one, you do want to make sure it lasts for as long as possible.

And guess what – it might just be easier than you thought. We took a chat with the experts at Blow salons, and got the low-down on how to get four full days out of your blow-dry – perfect, in other words, for a long weekend, ensuring that you look as good on Monday as you did on Friday. Here’s their top tips:

Day 1. No touching

Your blow dry is fresh out of the salon and your hair feels super smooth and swish worthy. No matter how much temptation taunts you, you must resist from touching that silky goodness. Touching your hair transfers dirt and oils from your hand to strands, making it greasy and unravelling that salon finish.

Remember scrunchie it before bedtime

A scrunchie will be your best friend when it comes to night time! Wrap your hair in a loose high bun to stop your curls from being flattened while you sleep. Whatever you do avoid an average elastic tie, as it will leave kinks!

Day 2: Use a shower cap (preferably a terrycloth- lined one)

You want to shower and prep for the next day & night of your weekend so you’ve got to take precautions to protect your locks. If your hair is fine, moisture from humidity or a hot shower will cause it to flatten. If your hair is full, moisture produces fizz. So to prevent this from being the death of your silky sleek style, protect it with a snug- fitting terrycloth cap!

Day 3: Refresh your roots with Dry Shampoo

As you venture into day three, your blow dry is holding strong but all the activity has caused your scalp to break a sweat. Refresh your roots with dry shampoo. Not too much but not too little. It also adds volume to your roots and body to your hair to restore your style from drab to fab!

Day 4: Time to wrap it up

It’s the final day of the long weekend, and your hair has just about seen and done it all. Blow salons suggest it’s time to consider wrapping it up! (Both your hair and the weekend!). Go for a boho chic style with a quick and simple braid.

Founded by Noelle McCarthy, BLOW salons are open 364 days of the year from early morning, 6.30 am on Monday to Friday, 8.30am on Saturday and 9.30am on Sunday’s till late evening.

BLOW is expanding and now has four salons in Leeson Street, the InterContinental Hotel, Richmond Street, and is now thrilled to be rolling out a collaboration with Dunnes Stores with the first salon in the Henry Street store already opened! Blow Salon has also developed a mobile application for convenience of its respected clients.