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22nd Sep 2017

Fashion week suggests these shoes are officially back on trend

Louise Carroll

The 90’s gave us some pretty stylish (and not so stylish) attire, lots of which has made winning comeback in recent times.

It seems though some designers could be trying to push this 90’s comeback trend a bit too far… depending on your personal taste of course.

As a nineties baby, I consider these for little children’s feet only, so I might just have a predisposition. But as for everyone else – whatever floats your boat!

At this week’s Milan fashion week, designer Alberta Ferretti has brought back non-other than these jellies. Yes jellies.

The prominent Italian fashion designer had models sporting these jellies with silver pointed studs for maybe a more contemporary and edgy effect?

The flat sandal-type shoe was worn by fashion models including Joan Smalls, Bella and Gigi Hadid as well as Karlie Kloss during the show – which by the way boasted oodles of absolutely gorgeous pieces.

You could say the jellies look good on the models but then again… what doesn’t? However, with the top models in fashion sporting these things, who knows? They might just make a fruitful return to the high street next season.