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05th Oct 2017

This Eleven from Stranger Things Halloween costume is seriously not OK

We don't think Eleven would be too impressed with this...

Stranger Things has been a smash hit since it debuted on Netflix last year.

And while we saw plenty of costumes inspired by the characters from the series by the streaming service last Halloween, the season two premiere date pretty much ensures we’ll be seeing even more this year.

But there’s one particular Stranger Things inspired costume that has caught our eye – and it’s for all the wrong reasons.

A costume meant to be a “sexy” version of the popular character Eleven has gone viral recently, and while it’s great to dress up as one of our favourite TV characters, this is definitely one step too far.

The Upside Down Honey costume is modelled after Eleven, while still having some elements that are intended to boost the sex appeal of the costume.

But the unsettling part of it is that on the Netflix hit, Eleven is meant to be a young girl – and even further, Millie Bobby Brown, the actress who plays her, is just 13 years old.

The outfit is currently for sale on a number of online retailers, presumably aimed at being a Halloween costume.

It is described as featuring a powder pink babydoll dress with a ruffled front, whit buttons, a navy bomber jacket with long sleeves and white thigh-high socks with striped tops.

It even has Eleven’s beloved Eggos, in the form of a waffle purse.

The costume’s description doesn’t do much to hide the inspiration, while still not directly referencing Stranger Things. 

But there’s a number of differences compared to Eleven’s original outfit – and they’re all more-than-slightly creepy.

The hi-low hem of the dress ends up cut a lot higher than the young girl’s original knee-length dress, while pairing it with the thigh-high socks rather than the ankle socks in her original outfit.


While we are definitely in favour of people being able to wear what they want for Halloween, we can’t help but feel that this particular outfit has taken it a couple steps too far.