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14th Jun 2018

Disney have just released this sparkling rose gold Minnie Mouse backpack

Disney fans are going crazy for the latest rose gold accessory.

Keeley Ryan

First there were the rose gold Minnie Mouse ears.

And now Disney have unveiled a sparkly new rose gold accessory that fans are going crazy for. 

To be fair, it’s pretty adorable.

The sequin-covered Minnie Mouse backpack hit shelves in the Happiest Place on Earth on June 7, alongside a number of other shimmering rose gold accessories.

The backpack is said to be selling for $85, which around €72 – and has already sold out in a number of locations.

Which, considering it has only been on shelves for a few days, is fairly impressive.

Some eagle-eyed social media users have said that they have seen the bags in shops over the last day or so, so there may be a few more in Disneyland stores.

The backpack hasn’t made it to the online store yet, but we would imagine it will be gone quicker than you can say Bippity Boppity Boo when it does.

In the meantime though, the backpacks are starting to appear on eBay – like with just about every other sold-out and highly sought after item.

If you are really keen to get the Minnie Mouse backpack, there are a number of listings on the auction site – most of which are at at least double the original price.