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24th Sep 2022

Crewnecks are the statement piece this season – and here’s what you need to know

Ellen Fitzpatrick

We’re in love.

As much as we don’t want to let go of summer, it’s time to start packing away our shorts and sun dresses and reef out the giant knits and cosy cardigans, autumn is officially here.

When we think of autumn fashion, we think of scarves, knits, turtle necks and boots, but this season’s fall fashion is looking to be going in a different direction and we’re totally here for it.

Taking on a more casual approach, fashion is going for more of a toned down feel, opting for comfort over anything but still making it work and introducing a statement piece.

Staple sweatshirts and crewnecks are this season’s biggest hype and lucky for us, they’re super easy to get our hands on as well as being so easily paired to create endless looks.

The trend has emerged after Vogue released a new collection of these slouchy but chic jumpers, with the magazine’s logo on the front alongside city destinations on the back – all listing each place there is a fashion week held.

Dropping them in time for London Fashion Week, they are a limited edition piece and these fashion experts are deeming it something that shouldn’t be only for weekend daywear.

Pairing a crewneck with jeans and heels, layered miniskirts or longer pencil skirts, there are a million and one ways to go about styling this.

Whether it’s a brunch date, a late night drink or simply dashing in and out of the office, crewnecks are something that are becoming more and more versatile.

Pairing a plain or graphic crewneck with a longline leather skirt can elevate a look, bringing a bit of spice to the casual garment. Add some chunky heels and glitzy jewellery and the outfit will pull itself together.

If you want to go for a more casual look, try some wide leg jeans. At this point, we all have a pair and no matter the colour you opt for, whether it’s classic denim, beige or cream or a vibrant moment (bright pink is it this season btw), you can give casual Fridays a bit more life. And what goes best with this? A pair of runners (I’d opt for those Adidas Gazelles that are it right now) or even a pair of loafers that are all the rage (what I’d do for the Prada ones).

Another way to give this jumper a new look, and one perfect for work, is to go for some classic dark denim bell bottoms. Add a funky blazer on top and not only will you be cosy on your commute, you’ll look the part of a business genius who knows what she’s doing. Of course, ankle boots can’t be a miss here.

Heading out on the town? A crewneck even works for this. Mini skirts are back and better than ever and while a lot of them seem to be low waisted and that can bring along with it some trauma from the 2000s, a crew neck eliminates this. Throw the two pieces together and add some loafers with white ankle socks and Tiktok will be all over it trying to recreate your look.