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04th Jun 2019

Where do the contestants on Love Island get their clothing from?

There's one main shop.

Denise Curtin

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Two episodes in and we’re already hooked.

Love Island has already proved to be a massive hit this year with over 435,000 in Ireland alone tuning in to watch the show on Virgin Media Two.

This is up 133 percent from last year’s launch episode showing the vast interest in the villa. But, you don’t need to tell us twice, because we’ll be glued to our screens every night.

Monday night saw over 400,000 tweets hit social media, with people dissecting and analysing the Islanders as well as asking some questions that we all wanted to answer to like where do the girls get their clothing from?

As you know, the Islanders bring their own suitcase of clothing with them, however, they are all warned in advance that the clothing cannot be branded. The Islanders are also given an allowance before entering the villa to purchase clothing as well as receiving sponsored clothing from the main sponsor of the show I Saw It First.

In the first episode all the bikinis the girls arrive wearing are from the online UK brand and can be shopped here.

Plus, I Saw It First also has a section on site called the Love Island exclusive fashion collection where you can shop handpicked looks inspired and featured on the show.

All of that is here, so make sure to keep your eyes peeled for bits you like (the site also reduces them often so, you could pick up a sweet bargain too!)

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Love Island airs tonight at 9pm on Virgin Media Two.