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23rd Apr 2024

‘My husband kissed my sister but said it doesn’t count as cheating’

Kat O'Connor

This woman’s husband had an outlandish excuse for cheating

One woman has left people pretty speechless after revealing her husband kissed her sister but he doesn’t regret it.

He told her straight away that he had cheated on her but he was the one that instigated it.

Writing on Mumsnet, she said her husband doesn’t see it as cheating.

“Could you forgive this? Both drunk, he says not a full-on snog but definitely a lingering kiss.

“More how you kiss your wife not your sister-in-law. He instigated it but was the one to come clean to me pretty much straight away and is very apologetic,” she wrote.

The woman said her husband doesn’t view it as cheating, but many disagreed and said it was.

“He doesn’t see it as cheating. He says to him that implies there was sex, which there definitely wasn’t,” the woman continued.

The woman said she never ever thought he would do something like this and thought she could trust him completely.

“He has no form for this, one of those men I NEVER ever thought would do something like this. Trusted him completely, and his loyalty to me was usually his top priority,” she said.

Many people were shocked that her husband didn’t consider his actions cheating.

One said: “It’s certainly a betrayal – by both of them. You’re quite within your rights to be both furious and upset.”

“Of course it’s cheating. I wonder if he’d be perfectly fine if you snogged his brother or his dad eh?” one added.

“That’s really gross. From both of them. He might have initiated it, but she will have let him know he could,” another wrote.