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27th Sep 2018

Chunky sneakers to fanny packs: 7 old-school fashion trends that are BACK!

Louise Carroll

And we’ll take them all please and thank you!

You may have heard of Coca Cola’s mission to ensure everyone that their Coke Zero Sugar is just as tasty, refreshing and thirst-quenching as the very first, original Coke drink. This theme of old being just as terrific as the new got us thinking of today’s fashion trends that have made a massive return and with a BANG!

Here are a few that have been revamped and really are tickling our fancy.

1. The Fanny Pack

Just about every Insta hun has one, and they’re no longer just wearing them around the waist. This time you’ll see the waist-bag worn across shoulders too. It’s an all-new take on an old look and it’s just as popular as ever.

2. Platform Sneakers

It’s just this year that the famous Buffalo shoe has been made available in the US, but indeed, before platform shoes made a comeback in late 2018, we had been waltzing around in them about the same time as the Spice Girls – Mel B and Baby Spice being particularly fond of them in the 90’s. And let’s not forget about the chunky sneaker return either. They’re everywhere!

3. The Bandeau

From Destiny’s Child to Olivia Culpo, we’re STILL loving the bandeau top, should the occasion allow it.

4. Retro Specs

Gone are the days of the oversized shades. Instead, we’re all opting for little coloured lenses. We must admit – we’re big fans! They might not be so effective in saving our eyes from the sun, but they sure do look good.

5. Neon

It’s not just for Halloween ladies. Neon has made a bold, revamped return in 2018. Blake Lively stepped out a few weeks ago in one of the brightest suits we’ve ever seen! But we actually really digged the look. Isn’t it funny that when we thought of 80’s neon – Cindi Lauper’s hair came to mind? The girl sure knew how to have fun!

6. Bike Shorts

You can thank Kim K. for their return. Although they aren’t always everyones cup of tea, Princess Diana in the 90’s and plenty of fashionistas today sure are taking advantage of their tight fit material.

7. High Cut Swimwear

WHY DID YOU EVER LEAVE US?? Big booty babes with hips will know all too well that these are insanely flattering, the same goes for all body shapes really. From Baywatch’s Pamela Anderson to Candice Swanepoel – everyone loves a high cut.