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10th Feb 2022

Brown Thomas’s Spring Summer 22 launch is all about the contrast of eras

Ellen Fitzpatrick

We want it all.

Brown Thomas has launched their highly anticipated Spring Summer 2022 collection, and from what we can see already, we’re heading to the store asap.

While our bank accounts might not agree, the fashion from this season is simply beautiful, and the main take away? Contrast.

Contrasting colours and patterns, contrasting the feminine with the masculine, trends we know and love from different eras are here to stay, we’ll just be seeing them mixed together a lot more.

Speaking to Brown Thomas fashion buyer Shelly Corkery, she told us just what trends we can expect to dominate our summer wardrobe and the pieces we need to have on hand.

“We’re talking an awful lot about minis this season and over the knee skirts so that needed to be very relevant. They will give you directives on the trends.

“That shorter skirt and the jacket is one of the biggest trends this season, and a cleaner version. It won’t be the powerful shoulders, a more feminine version of that 60s sort of feeling. It’s going to be very strong. I think that colour is going to be huge. So an explosion of colour, then I think the seventies trend was quite strong with that Paisley prints, that flare trouser,” she told

“I think that’s really, really big and that drop it low was very strong in terms of Miu Miu and Dolce, they dropped all those from the waist to the hip, that we haven’t seen that for a while, very nineties, very young millennial trends.”

“I do think we’re going to see that biker jacket, that nineties vibe definitely still around. I think all of that sweet, feminine dress with that contrast, there’s a big trend in that contrast, wearing heavier, stronger fashion with feminine. So there’s a masculine, feminine contrast.

“I also think the sixties is quite important because that’s skirt suit is definitely the sixties, I think that’s quite important and it’s not so powerful in the shoulder, it’s definitely tidier and more feminine.”

But the biggest question we all have is how do they decide on what will be a trend, and what pieces are the most worthy when it comes to deciding on a collection like this?

With a lot of luxury brands out there and thousands of stunning pieces to choose from, to the average eye it would be overwhelming, but to the pros, they know exactly what to look out for.

“What I do at the beginning of the season is get all my team together and we do a trend presentation for the season. So when we come back from the buying appointments, we would go through the discussion of what they felt, what brands were the strongest, what trends were leading the way, what was coming out of the overview,” Shelly added.

“This season, we definitely came up with colour, everybody would’ve been talking about colour. After, we come up with cool, edgy statements for each trend then when we come up with the book and photography of the shoot and the show, we try to get every trend we’ve chosen into the book so it can come together.

“Sometimes it’s hard to get samples, sometimes they’ll send them to you. We request from the brands, we request pieces. The floral, colourful, powerful prints were so beautiful. A lot would have been the true DNA of the brand, what we felt were the best pieces. Sometimes they can’t send you the piece you want but they’ll discuss another piece with you.”