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25th Mar 2022

Bridgerton fashion set to influence spring trends

Corsets and ball gowns and dinner gloves, oh my.

Season two of Netflix’s period drama Bridgerton is well and truly upon us, and, as well as dashing gentlemen and scandalous storylines, the series has also had an influence on current fashion trends.

The hype surrounding the hugely popular TV show can be seen in trending aesthetics. Regencycore and royalcore are growing in popularity on Pinterest, and fashion lovers are searching for Bridgerton inspired pieces online.

One SEO company, Honcho, has tracked the Google trends to find out exactly what Bridgerton fans are searching for.

According to their research, the most sought after Bridgerton-inspired outfits are statement necklaces, dinner gloves, corset dresses and tulle dresses.

Statement necklaces saw a 233% Google search volume increase, dinner gloves rose by 130% and corset dresses rose by 127%.

Other trending fashion terms include tulle dress, brocade dress, ball gown, empire waist dress, sweetheart neckline, satin gown and taffeta dress.

The term ‘corset’ on its own has also seen an increase in Google search volume – 57% – although this may not be down to Bridgerton alone.

Maddy wore a corset in HBO’s Euphoria, and she’s not alone either. Huge stars, including Bella Hadid, Megan Fox and Dua Lipa have been snapped wearing corsets in public, and, according to PrettyLittleThing, the term ‘corset tops’ is searched a whopping 368,000 times per month on Google.

Indeed, regencycore and royalcore are very on trend right now, and while we’re unlikely to wear a full ball gown on a night out, the aesthetic is surprisingly wearable – and contemporary – if you dress it down correctly.

A corset can look perfectly modern when matched with a cute pair of jeans or a mini-skirt, and tulle skirts and dresses are super wearable if you pop a hoodie on top, or dress them down with some sneakers or docks.

On top of that the trending accessories – shawls, statement necklaces, gloves – can bring the drama to any look, be it casual or dressy.