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05th Apr 2024

‘Let’s be clear: There is no positive outcome to pregnancy speculation’

Jody Coffey


It’s so harmful

This week, Kylie Jenner has been at the core of media and public speculation.

While a Kar-Jenner sister making headlines isn’t exactly out of the ordinary, the topic on which the media mogul is being reported is one that is disappointing but, sadly, not surprising.

After comedian, Daniel Tosh alleged on his podcast that Kylie had filmed a scene revealing she was pregnant with Timothee Chalamet’s baby for an episode of The Kardashians at a grocery store in Malibu, the internet began speculating immediately.

This discourse resulted in sources close to the star having to shut down these rumours and confirm they were ‘100 per cent’ untrue.

Speculating that a woman is pregnant is as offensive as it is weird

‘Is Kylie Jenner pregnant with Timothee Chalamet’s baby?’ may seem like a questioning headline, but it feeds into the problem where people assume it’s anyone else’s business but theirs.

Similarly, before her eldest sister Kourtney fell pregnant last year, the internet was abuzz with rife speculation and offensive comments about her body.

The Kar-Jenner clan are not the first, and, sadly, likely not the last celebrities to face pregnancy accusations, whether true or not.

But the thing is, they shouldn’t have the confirm or deny such news and need to stop speculating if women are pregnant full stop.

We have no mystic powers to detect pregnancy in another person nor do we have the right to analyse someone’s body to find clues of gestation.

If you’re correct, you’ve spoiled their moment to reveal it or you’ve brought attention to it before they felt ready to share it.

If you’re incorrect, they may be offended by your accusation or even wounded by any personal heartbreak related to pregnancy.

Asking the question outright is also just as rude.

Whether it’s a high profile celebrity or your neighbour, whispering ‘She looks pregnant’ or asking ‘Why isn’t she drinking? Do you think she’s pregnant?’ is a deeply harmful strain of gossip.

For one, if someone is basing their guess by looking at a woman’s body, it’s a form of body shaming, whether a person tries to pass it off as curiosity or not.

Secondly, we have no idea who is going through what when it comes to pregnancy and who these questions/accusations might trigger to listen to.

Lastly, if a woman chooses not to drink, they may have other personal reasons for it that do not involve pregnancy that they may not want to discuss.