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04th Dec 2018

Bootcut jeans are supposedly making a comeback and we need to stand in protest

A moment of silence, please.

PSA: This cannot happen.

We’ve seen a lot of fashion trends come back in the past year. The revival of the chunky sneaker, the return of cat-eye shades, the resurrection of neon everything but, one thing that must stay in the past is bootcut jeans.

Firstly, they’re f*cking awful on. Men, women, anyone – they’ve no shape and serve no purpose bar covering the bare leg.

***Warning this picture might trigger you*** 

And secondly, factories now put a thing called lycra in jeans which means denim can ACTUALLY look flattering and FITTED so, why try and turn back time?

The only saving grace and we’re honestly thrilled about this, is that so many people seem to agree with us.

All of this was first sparked by a tweet from GQ magazine yesterday. The publication wrote a story stating they bootleg jeans were “making a comeback” to which they were greeted with absolute outrage (from mainly women) who were clearly quaking at the thought of their other half sporting a pair of these tragedies.

Here was the initial tweet…

And with over 2,000 replies – here was the reaction.

GQ has yet to respond to any of the tweets dissing their latest fashion prediction but we pray, oh how we pray that this style of jean stays well and truly out of 2019. The new year cannot start this way, it just cannot.