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02nd Jul 2022

Airport outfits are all the rage as we head abroad – here are the 4 best ones

Airport fashion is back.

Life is back and bigger than ever, and if there was one thing we truly missed over the past two years, it was travelling.

There is a ritual when you go abroad, you stop for an airport pint, you take a picture at departures of your passport and boarding pass and of course, you have a stand out airport outfit.

When it comes to these looks, comfort is key. We’re talking oversized hoodies and leggings, matching baggy tracksuits, GAA shorts, the whole lot.

We’ve come up with some of our favourite airport styles to give you some inspo before you jet off this summer, because let’s be honest, the airport look is just as important as your holiday fits.

The matching co-ord tracksuit

Zara is the master of a good co-ord, and when it comes to comfort, nobody does it better.

This matching tracksuit is exactly it and we’re in luck, it’s on sale and it comes in a million and one different colours (not really, but it does come in 11 so close enough).

It’s comfy and completely effortless when you’re flying making it seem as if you’ve put a lot more effort in than you actually did.

The sporty vibe

The next look we think is more than worth it is the classic black leggings and an oversized jumper.

This gives off that sporty look that influencers everywhere fly in, and there’s a reason they do, it’s as comfortable as it gets.

For this, grab any black leggings, your dad’s baseball cap and a half-zip jumper, and we highly recommend investing in this burgundy one from ASOS, just tell us this isn’t what you envisioned when you read half-zip?

The cycling shorts


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If it’s good enough for influencers, it’s good enough for us.

English influencer Lorna Luxe is the exact definition of want we mean here with this look, the oversized plain hoodie and simple cycling shorts, tied together with some basic runners, it doesn’t get easier than this.

And to top it off, they’re from her collection with In The Style, stylish and affordable.

Flow, flow and more flow

As we keep saying, comfort is the goal here and the less fabric touching our skin, the better.

As we chill out at the airport and in the sky, the flow-ier the outfit, the happier we are. We essentially want to feel like we’re in pyjamas.

Wide leg trousers and a matching button-up are the way to go, and it’s easy to wear straight to the beach. This one from PrettyLittleThing is exactly it, comfort at its finest.