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08th Nov 2018

9 models to follow instead of watching the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show

Thank you, next.

Anna O'Rourke

If there’s an experience known to womankind that’s more harrowing than lingerie shopping, I’ve yet to have it.

Anyone who, regardless of their size, age or body type, can strip down in a poorly-lit box in semi-public place and not give themselves a hard time over something in their reflection, please DM me your secrets.

My body anxieties, like everyone else’s, are mine and mine alone to deal with but I don’t think I’d be alone in saying that the way we usually see women in their underwear in mass media doesn’t help.

8 models to follow instead of watching the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show

Using of a particular type of model (slim, tall, predominantly white) to sell lingerie is an industry-wide norm but as the number one underwear brand in the world, Victoria’s Secret plays a big role is the issue.

Its annual catwalk fashion show is on tonight and while a part of me enjoys the spectacle, it’s disheartening to see that another year in we won’t be seeing much diversity in the models.

Calling for different types of women to be featured isn’t about shaming the models who are Victoria’s Secret Angels. Gigi, Kendall and co are some of the top names in the business and have earned the right to walk that runway.

It would just be great to have them walk alongside some of the top models who fall outside the standard lingerie industry ideals.

I’m aware I’m not saying anything new here but unlike some others, I don’t actually want to see the back of the Victoria’s Secret Show.

Nice knickers and bras are fun to celebrate – but it’s how we do that that matters.

It’s telling that in 2018, Victoria’s Secret as a global company is in real financial trouble.

The brand has seen sales drop and its market share shrink this year. It announced in August that it is to close 20 stores around the world this year in what some in retail have called “the end of Victoria’s Secret“.

8 models to follow instead of watching the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show

It’s hard to say what exactly has caused the crown to slip.

Maybe its items are overpriced, maybe its stores are intimidating or its designs are cheesy – or maybe it is just out of step with what selling underwear looks like now.

It’s almost too easy of a contrast to make but the successful launch of Rihanna’s underwear company this year shows how behind the curve VS is.

In a few short months, Savage x Fenty has established itself as what a fancy lingerie brand should be – it’s provocative, sexy and demands to be noticed.

It is more so all of those things because of the way it puts lesser-seen body types front and centre.

I don’t think we can say any private brand owes the public anything but maybe in the fight to stay relevant and ensure its longevity, Victoria’s Secret should broaden its range of angels.

Lastly, it goes without saying that none of us should feel guilty (or like bad feminists) for watching and enjoying the show – but maybe we should all look around to see what else is out there.

With that in mind, here are nine of our very favourite non- Victoria Secret underwear models to follow.


  1. Lulu Bonfils


2. Marquita Pring

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3. Tara Lynn

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4. Precious Lee

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5. Hannah Woldetsadik

the ability to be vulnerable IS strength.

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6. Stella Duval

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7. Paloma Elesser

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8. Lucy Knell

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9. Alessandra Garcia Lorido