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17th Feb 2017

8 things you will only know if you can’t throw out your old clothes

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Do you still have some flares from the ’90s hanging around in the back of your wardrobe?

Call me sentimental, but there are quite a few items of clothing that I just can’t get rid of no matter how hard I try.

The old hoodie I used to wear to youth club when I was 13, the vintage jumper my mum wore on her first date with my dad or the sparkly green dress I wore on my 18th that cost an absolute fortune (or at least it seemed that way as a student).

There are a few things you will only know if, like me, you’re incapable of throwing out your old clothes.

People think your wardrobe is messy

But you know that it is organised chaos. You can pinpoint exactly where your favourite shirt is under the mounds of old jeans and handbags from the early 2000s.

You try to convince yourself that they might come back into fashion

Yes, flared corduroy trousers haven’t been a thing since the late ’90s but that doesn’t mean they won’t make a comeback any day now. If mum jeans managed to come back into fashion then there is no telling what will be next.

You love taking a little nostalgia trip when hunting for the perfect outfit

More than once you have been getting ready for a night but gotten sidetracked by your old leavers hoodie or Debs dress and decided to take a trip down memory lane. Your wardrobe is basically like your very own memory box, but better!

A spring clean is literally your idea of hell

Because you’re always completely torn over whether to throw stuff out or keep it for another few months. Sure, you never know when you’ll need that shoulder padded printed blazer.

You convince yourself that your future children will want these clothes

How many times have you been looking at old photos of your mum wishing she had kept some of her amazing clothes from the ’70s? You’re not going to make the same mistake with your own kids. No sir! You’re going to keep it all just in case they need it. Really you’re just doing this all for the kids *cough, cough*.

You know the exact place you wore each piece of your clothing

Especially the older ones. How could you get rid of the skirt you wore to your first disco or the top you had on when you got engaged? It’s just not possible, okay?

People can’t understand why you have a wardrobe full of clothes and nothing to wear

No one quite grasps how you can have so many clothes but struggle to put an outfit together for Saturday night drinks at the pub. You like to think of yourself as a vintage collector who is just ahead of their time.

But you wouldn’t have it any other way

You’re quite happy with your little museum of clothes. God help anyone who suggests that you just get rid of them. Nope. Nada. No chance. It ain’t happening, mister.

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