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28th Jan 2019

5 affordable vegan handbags that you can buy right now

Olivia Hayes

Fashion is changing.

Now more than ever, consumers are changing the way they think about fast fashion and the impact their purchases have on the environment.

More and more people are making ethical choices when shopping online or in stores – and it shows, as there has been a major rise in the demand for ethical clothing and accessories.

That includes shoppers opting for vegan bags and footwear.

We’ve rounded up 5 affordable (and vegan) handbags so you can take that first step into choosing better choices for our world.

JW PEI mini bucket bag – €60.75

Wilby navy chain tote – €70

LaBante London Miley black backpack – €81

Poppy Lissiman red coin shoulder bag – €85

Image result for poppy lissiman red coin shoulder bag

JW PEI Fiona belt bag – €113.08