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12th May 2024

Airline dedicated to dogs is launching next month


Bark Airlines will take your pooch to the skies.

For dog owners who are uncomfortable with their furry friend having to fit in a carrier under the seat in front of them on an airplane or in cargo, a new air travel service offering a “first-of-its-kind travel experience tailored to dogs” is coming on the market.

The only catch – it’ll set you back a fair bit.

A seat on the plane for you and your pooch comes with the hefty, hefty price tag of £6,400 (€7,440) for a one way ticket. Your ticket does include luggage and a transfer from the airport when you land, so that does soften the blow ever so slightly. 

Bark Airline will launch next month and to begin with, the airline will only be flying two routes, one from London to New York and from New York to LA.

Bark says it is the first of its kind, due to being ‘built from the ground up for [dogs]’, and they differ from any other airline by giving pets free access to roam the entire plane when it’s cruising in the air.

It certainly classifies as luxury travel, with concierges dedicated to getting to know you and your dog before the flight to ensure a safe, pleasant journey. You’ll also get a fast pass through security, and a very comfortable seat on board. There will never be more than ten humans on board, ensuring plenty of space for your pup to stretch their paws.

To top it all off, your pooch will be provided with all the treats a dog could dream of.


A statement on the Bark Air website reads: “BARK Air is here to deliver a white paw experience. We built our flight experience for dogs first, from the ground up. Upon booking, humans will be contacted by a BARK Air concierge to collect information about your dog and your travel plans in order to give you the best overall travel experience possible.

“On the travel day, dogs and their people will arrive at the airport 1 hour before the flight for a simple, efficient check-in process and security screening – no crates, no stressful lines. A highly skilled BARK Air concierge will welcome all pups and help them settle in to their experience through socialization at the gate and dog-centric cabin preparation.”

Talk about making your pet feel at home!

They continue: “The planes we operate are Gulfstream G5s and we never book to their full capacity to ensure you and your dog have enough room to spread out comfortably. The cabin will be prepped with calming aids such as: pheromone, music, warm lavender scented refreshment towels, and other comforts to help each dog feel settled. Our concierge will also have a ‘just in case’ bag filled with calming treats, leashes, poop bags, and more will be provided at the gate.

“Once onboard, dogs will be served their beverage of choice (water, bone broth, you name it),  during ascent and descent to ensure they do not experience any ear discomfort commonly caused by the change in cabin pressure. In addition, a variety of BARK-branded treats, snacks, and surprises will be served throughout the flight experience.”

If you fancy flying in style with your best friend and have a spare 7 grand to spend, you can book via the Bark air website here.

Flights will be taking off from June, currently only operating a few times a month. There are plans to expand though, so keep your eyes on the skies.